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Hi, I'm Thom Mark Shepard. Welcome to my profile!

Thom Mark Shepard's Bio:

Thom Mark Shepard is a librarian at MIT Lincoln Lab. His short story, The Tannery won the Ellis Literary Award at Indiana University, and his short story, Stick and Strings, published in Mid-American Review, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. An earlier draft of Puzzle Trees, titled, The Green Apettes, was one of three finalists in a YA contest sponsored by Leapfrog Press. The judges were Alexandria LaFaye (The Keening) and B.B. Wurge (Last Notebook of Leonardo), and he has taken to heart their invaluable suggestions with this new version of Puzzle Trees, now available at Amazon.

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Thom Mark Shepard's Interests & Activities:

silent films,monkeys,primates,opera,fiction,Buster Keaton

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